POSHTUI is a terminal-based documentation browser for ruby developers (Like DASH, but for terminal). And it's currently actively in development.

Imagine that you can run `posh .` in your rails project directory and POSHTUI would find Gemfile.lock, detect all dependencies for project and download documentation for it. So you can:

  • Have enjoyable reading experience in a terminal
  • Search through dependencies documentation at once
  • Have all documentation you need for a project easily available without a need to use browser or internet


Project currently officially supports only OSX and Linux. So far it's a freemium product, that will later include premium features.

To install just run the following in your terminal

brew tap skatkov/tap && brew install skatkov/tap/poshtui

You will probably need to download all docsets as well, with a following command:

posh docsets

Project is actively in development, so don't forget to regularly update it.

brew update && brew upgrade poshtui

Buy it

Currently, there are no premium features. But I'm selling limited number of lifetime licenses on gumroad. At a moment of writing there are only 15 licenses left.

In the future, price will be higher, there is also a good chance, that it will not be a one-time payment product, but a yearly subscription.

So hurry and get it early.


All docsets are stored as markdown files on a CDN.

There are at least 3 ways to generate markdown from documentation and I tried them all. I decided to generate it from source code with a help of my self-written rdoc-markdown gem. This is the only way to insure consistent quality of docsets.

There are some issues here and there with documentation, but it's constantly improving. You are welcome to report any issues you may find with docsets in github repo or directly to me.

You can also see up-to-date examples of documentation. Every so often they could differ from those on CDN because updating documentation is a manual process (so far). Due to all this, you may need to run `posh docsets` from time-to-time to update your local copy as well.

About this website

I'm trying to regularly share updates - it was bi-weekly before. But lately due to personal issues (moving family to our own house), this schedule has been disrupted.

Please feel free to subscribe to newsletter and share any feedback/comments.

Thank you, Stanislav.