This is a release where I can stop referring to Posh TUI as a "scrappy prototype". From now on, it's software that's finally getting in shape and moving in a certain direction.

Finally, there is no feeling of being lost; I stopped building stuff to see if it fits (saying this after doing three prototypes, by the way). It's clear what is possible now. It's clear what a stable version should be capable of. It's clear what premium plan will offer. Just build-build-build from now on!

As always, new release could be installed with a following command:

brew install skatkov/tap/poshtui

This release comes with:

  1. TUI works with format emitted by yard-markdown gem. The most significant change in this gem is that index files are CSV formatted.
  2. TUI is powered by SQLite3 database now instead of looking through scattered files. It means a lightning-fast search and page transitions, but to make it really work, we're using gimmicky ways to import all that CSV/data into the database really fast.
  3. Completely rewritten Docset downloader - first version I wrote sucked badly. I had to have something, but it was not clear what, it was not even reliable as much. It's way more reliable now (at least in my tests), it properly shows progress, it can download a lot docsets or certain docsets and we can update or clear them completely!
  4. posh --flush to completely drop off all POSH TUI data. posh docsets --clear to remove just docsets.
  5. Probably 70% of the code was touched by these changes, so there is less fat on corners and codebase is way better equipped for rapid development. Golang has allowed me to avoid automated testing!

I was really hoping to bring Rails docsets in this release and technically, it's not that difficult to do. But yard-markdown requires further fixes. Let's leave this for next release!

It was complete radio silence from me for a while; there was full focus on the building...

But there have been numerous personal announcements in the background - I survived couple of surgeries, quit drinking alcohol completely, gave up smoking weed, bought new Lenovo Yoga laptop (my previous laptop was 8 years old, still fully functional and bulletproof ThinkPad X1 Carbon).

Most importantly, all these issues seem to be behind. Haven't felt so good for a while. You'll be seeing more releases.