Unfortunately, I will not be reporting this week on the progress I did the last couple of weeks. My wife got hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and had a surgery and a long recovery period that followed.

I had to step up and take over my wife's responsibilities and also take care of her at the same time.

This is a good moment, to remember the importance of the people around us.  Everything stalled for a couple of weeks. The only side-project I had time to do was sleep after my son felt asleep.

Now it's clear more than ever, how my wife enables me to have all these diverse hobbies, at her expense. Only thanks to her support and her sacrifice, can I find time to do anything on a side.

Greatly amazed by my son, he was on his best behavior all this time. Many parents in school offered support and took my son to play with their kids during work hours! He left a very positive impression on all of them.

See you after next couple of weeks.