Good day,

My name is Stanislav. I'm building POSH TUI - terminal documentation browser for ruby developers.

There was a brave attempt to build a complicated 3 section TUI layout   as my first-ever TUI application. Ambitions have been high on my side! :)


Spoiled by familiar of building html and css based interfaces for apps, I thought that doing these native TUi thingy would be a work in a park. Building TUI layouts is stil la bit of a dark magic and ELM architecture gets a bit used to.

After careful reconsideration, I've decided to build a simpler two screen TUI application with "list with search function" -> "document viewer".

Took time to regroup

To compensate for lack of experience with ELM architecture, I had to write several simpler bubbletea based apps.  Charm CLI YouTube channel has been a huge help – there are a bunch of examples of how to build bubble tea apps.

In between, I also found time to finish miniflux-email-client just to continue practicing my GOLANG kung-fu.

Building new UI as we speak!

Thank you for your support.