Excited to be writing this status report!

These reports started just about 20 weeks ago, but work on this project started way before that. There were already two barely working prototypes attempted, but had severe issues and have been discontinued.

Third prototype started with baggage of mistakes made previously, knowing that if I resolved those—this project might as well work out. Up till today, air was filled with hopes, but mixed with doubts - it was unclear if all the peaces will fit together.

And today, I'm thrilled to report, that peaces actually fit, and biggest unknowns have been resolved. There are still some challenges ahead, but all of them don't pose existential threads.

Devel build available for download

Please keep in mind, that this a development build - many bugs, many missing features, things could drastically change... But it would be great to hear your thoughts about layout and general aesthetics.

Download links for mac/linux OS could be found here. And here are checksums for those downloads.

145aae85fce1edd59e371ab2ec24fab4aa6a2f10d824eab6a05e110689f1d5cb posh_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz
963c9f91a3431ee33c9f2f651aae803b5d97b6db535da9523fd550a5eefb9458 posh_Darwin_x86_64.tar.gz
a05259ee77ba4c9554bc961687656f8057b3538431efd3bb20b6361dff665c83 posh_Linux_arm64.tar.gz
c932f4753db266609782b6abedb87f866614bed21b2e293008fe4fb9b43ed8a0 posh_Linux_i386.tar.gz
e70200de0ad3e716016c3c90c0e299e97d94f3165ce26587e8a47ce2be3ab8af posh_Darwin_arm64.tar.gz


POSH cli currently supports following methods:


To open documentation viewer, currently it's possible to only open ruby 3.2.1 docs .

posh ruby #3.1.2p20

Detects ruby version in current folder (based on .ruby-version or Gemfile files)

posh license

 Verifies gumroad license for early customers.


  • Two layout interface, with switchable active sections
  • ListView now has pagination, selection of items works, all Classes load up
  • Search bar started, but not fully working yet.
  • Content gets updated
  • Layout works better on different sizes
  • Restructured CLI
  • GoReleaser now packages posh distribution archive

Priorities for next two weeks.

  • Search should be working
  • Downloadable Docsets
  • Content loading hangs after 10 opened documents, resolve that
  • Ability to browse documentation for different rubies