Wrapping up a sales of my SaaS and some other small business and personal ventures that I was doing before. But already at this point, I feel that there is sufficient spare time on my hands.

And it's time for updates!

POSH TUI progress

Previously, never written a single TUI app with bubbletea framework. Never touched anything with elm architecture either. After some stumbling and 3 prototypes later—I'm having something that "clicks with me". My speed of development for this particular part of a project has x10 at this point.

Please take a look at a GIF I posted and here is a list of new features:

  • Completely refactored overall layout and now it scales properly to any window size
  • Interacts with sqlite index file to retrieve list of available classes/methodos/constants
  • Renders and beatifies markdown files
  • Switches between panels.
  • List panel has working pagination.
  • It's possible to scroll content.

Recording TUI demo

It was important for me to showcase work on TUI, while public build is not available. And I adopted VHS tool for that.

I do have a couple of issues with it, that I don't yet know how to manage with:

  • It does seem to apply it's own styling to the TUI, because margin/paddings are slightly different. It's not like those are perfect in the app
  • During scrolling, the entire text flickers.

Beta builds

I have decided to make beta/test builds of POSH TUI public, that will be bundled with documentation for 3 latest rubies.

I'm not certain, that I'll keep this free version forever or just until stable version will be available. But I'm pretty certain, that documentation for gems will be available only for people who paid.

That's it for this bi-weekly update. Hopefully, you're having a great week.