It's 4 weeks since my last update. A couple of weeks too late!And this one will be personal. Is it worth it to share? It probably is, I'm documenting projects process and this is a part of it.

To fully focus on this TUI app – I sold my SaaS project.  It's a not life-changing amount of money, but it's a weight off my shoulders and cash to deploy for any future business needs.

There are many adjustments on a personal level, like family. And i'm also getting out of agreements and projects. I'm saying "no" more likely.

My main focus is now on one-sale products. Subscription payments are like sales on hard mode.


All little time I had I'm spending on interface work. This is what I ended up settling with...

Currently, work is ongoing in 3 directions:

  • Integrating interactive "search" bar.
  • Dynamic sidebar with rubies/classes/methods that change depending on context.
  • Apply CSS to content to improve readability of test

Since I already sold my SaaS and almost transferred it, I can continue working on it already tomorrow.