This is week 10 progress report for a command line tool "Posh TUI". It's an API documentation browser —like Dash, but for a console users.

Software is not yeat available, but there is a limited pre-sale for a lifetime license. It includes all future updates for free. I'll be closely listening to feedback and will be building future roadmap based on it.

rdoc-markdowm gem

It's already 0.4 version of this gem.

I managed to identify plenty of issues and fix those. Gem feels really stable now. Markdown template still requires work, it looks good enough, but very far from perfect.

Project also now produces /example directory. It's a small glimpse of how ruby documentation might look like in console.

I'm more interested in writing a TUI client at this point...

TUI  Client

Wrote most of the  features required for an app to work. First version will provide a way to browse supported Rubies with minimal search capabilities.

Here is a "work in progress" interface mock. Just 1 minutes ago snapped this screenshot, fresh off oven!


I decided not to bother with publishing with goreleaser. I will not be distributing docsets through S3 either.

First development versions will be distributed for free to everyone—3 archives for Linux/Apple, with CLI app and documentation already included.

No way to auto-update or ability to renew documentation for now. I'd like to leave these issues for later.

I assume that later people with license will be able to retrieve documentation for gems, while users without license will not be able to do that.

Focus for next weeks...

My focus for next weeks is getting TUI client done! It's mostly about getting interface operational at this point.

It is by far the slowest part of a process for me.

This part of a project is written in a language I'm not very familiar with (#golang) and using a TUI framework I never used before.

But I never used any TUI frameworks :)

Golang turns out to be a perfect language for console apps—ability to compile for any platform is easily is a killer feature!