Summer is bad for side-projects...

I've been busy wakeboarding, spending time with family and last, but not least, we are about to become owners of a house in the Netherlands. We're moving into a new house in September!

But this blog post is not about my or my personal situation – I'm happy to report that I have published a new version of POSH TUI, which takes a slightly different approach than a previous version. It was almost a complete rewrite for TUI client.

New take, prototype v3.

In a v2 version of app, I first built UI that I'd like to see and only after that tried to make it functional. Unfortunately, 2 pane layout was not an easy thing to pull off, I lacked experience with framework to meet my own standards of functional TUI interface.

This layout also required quite a look of screen estate.

I've decided to take this the other way instead – make UI simpler abnd make it functional immediately. Improve UI/UX later...

Most of the components you see in this GIF are pretty standard to bubble tea framework.  It looks just as any other regular bubble tea app out there. But it works great and that small feature set is already usable!

App also comes with a little TUI that downloads all the docsets. This is one part that didn't change at all from previous version.

Get it!

I'm currently distributing app as a freemium, which is available for everyone to try out. Later, premium features will appear that will require a license.

I encourage everyone to give this tool a try, but keep in mind, that it's not a development build. Functionality is really basic and there could be bugs.

This command should get you started:

brew tap skatkov/tap && brew install skatkov/tap/poshtui