Happy new years!

Last year, it became evident, that I should not be reliant on rdoc to generate documentation for POSH. I focused on building yard-markdown gem as a replacement. YARD can produce documentation for all gems in ruby ecosystem, covering yard and rdoc with one tool.

YARD comes with a powerful templating system, that comes with ability to overwrite any existing partial of a template. This makes it easy to customize any existing template. But it seems, that nobody dared to build yard  template from scratch ... until now!


Most changes in this release are related to markdown documentation (e.g. docsets).

  •  I ditched the idea of using SQLite database as docsets index storage. With a lot of docsets, it becomes troublesome to manage connections to multiple SQLite databases. Now I use CSV files as an index and import those into a single SQLite database.
  • yard-markdown currently produces docsets in standard markdown and not in a GitHub Flavored Markdown. It means, that code is not highlighted and tables are not supported (and other "extensions" are missing). Bummer, but I plan to address that in future (just need to patch up rdoc gem a bit).
  • I'm now able to automatically generate docsets from sources. The process has become so complicated and error-prone, that it's not feasible anymore to do manually (as I did before).
  • Currently available docsets are rubies v3.0.6, v3.1.4, v3.2.2, v3.3.0


To update POSH TUI to latest version, please run:

brew upgrade poshtui

To install latest release of POSHTUI, please run:

brew install skatkov/tap/poshtui

Don't forget to update docsets overwise things will break.

posh docsets

My biggest priorities

I'd like to start showing this app to more people and start asking for feedback, but don't feel confident doing so yet. Core features are still not up to my standard.

There are basically two biggest things that bother me A LOT right now:

  • Still no way to work with multiple docsets and due to that, absence of rails docsets.

Will focus on addressing that next.