Last couple of months have been crazy busy, but two epic achievements - we moved to our house and I finished my season of big developer conferences. 

Now I have way more time to "hack" on evenings!

In 0.6 release most of work was related to docsets -- all parts of system. CDN, client and back-office part. To update, please run in your console:

brew <span class="hljs-keyword">update</span> <span class="hljs-operator">&&</span> brew upgrade poshtui

And update all docsets

posh docsets

Let's talk about improvement in this release.


Every docsets now comes with a digest file, with all available versions available. I can also detect if certain versions have been updated and download those updates.

rdoc-markdown gem has served its purpose and should be archived. Going forward I have to write  a yard plugin, it works with yard and rdoc and will cover all my needs within ruby gem ecosystem.

This time, I'll focus on:

  • Detect the best possible index file for a library/gem
  • Instead of sqlite as index file, use plain csv files as index files.
  • Focus on Github Flavored Markdown as a standard.


By running `posh docsets` you'll retrieve new and improved docsets. I should warn, though, that code formatting in those documents is not great now. All other formatting is good.

But that should improve and easy ways to update docsets would really help with that.


There is no admin panel, but I generate docsets and digest on my machine, but upload them to CDN in the end.

CDN is serving all contents from

# Work on next

- yard-markdown gem

- open documentation for rubies based on gemfile.lock

- support for additional gems, rails would be a great start